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Book Recommendations from Guests

Zero to Hero: From Bullied Kid to Warrior

Author Allan James Lynch (Medal of Honor Recipient). Podcast episode 2022/4 (07/20/22)

Smile on Your Brother: A Family Still Hears the Echoes of Vietnam

Author Austin Nicholl. Podcast episode2022/8 (09/12/2022)

The Yank: The True Story of a Former US Marine in the Irish Republican Army

Author John Crawley, USMC Veteran. Podcast episode 2022/12 (09/29/2022)

Before, During and After Vietnam

Author Roger McGill, Cavalry Scout. Podcast episode 2022/13 (10/06/2022)

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Author Chickie Donohue, USMC Veteran and Merchant Marine. Podcast episode 2022/16 (10/22/2022)

Napalm and Filet Mignon

Author John Jennings, Army Veteran. Podcast episode 2022/17 (10/28/2022)

Marines Don't Cry: Delivering the Message at All Costs

Author Danny Garcia, USMC Veteran. Podcast episode 2022/19 (11/04/2022)

Bravo Troop: A Forward Observer's Vietnam Memoir

Author William Watson. Podcast episode 2022/22 (11/21/2022)

Never Mind, We'll Do It Ourselves

Author Alec Bierbauer, Army Veteran. Podcast episode 2023/32 (03/29/2023)

Instead of Sheep: A Soldiers Way of Explaining PTSD to his Son

Author Mathias Carter, Army Vet and Outreach Coordinator for Road Home Program.

Podcast episode 2023/37 (04/17/2023)

Faith Through The Storm

Author Major James Capers Jr, USMC Veteran and Living Legend. Podcast episode 2023/38 (04/19/2023)

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